It All Started From A Single Goji Berry

I had heard that goji berries were a super food so when I was at the garden store last spring and found a small cute goji berry bush for sale I had images of devouring this super food and you know becoming super! I pictured adding them to my smoothies after workouts or making a jelly out of them for amazing recovery and longer stamina. The Fall after I had planted my Goji Bush it had became fully loaded with berries galore!!!

My family got to work picking goji berries. Picking Goji berries is tedious but nothing like picking huckleberries that's for sure. Finally we had a bowl full of gorgeous red goji berries. I couldn't wait to try them! YUCK!!! They tasted absolutely horrible. I was so disappointed. What was I going to do with all these Goji Berries and their promised super powers?? I did mix them in my protein workout shake. It was edible but not enjoyable. Next I tried making them into a jelly. That was totally Gross!! I searched the internet looking for recipes with Goji Berries. I came across a recipe of dried Goji Berries on top of chocolate bark with pistachios. Now that looks delicious!! Maybe goji berries were better dehydrated. So I borrowed my parents dehydrator

and spent then next 24 hours dehydrating treys of goji berries. I was so hoping that dehydrated goji berries tasted better than fresh.

AMAZING!!! I loved dehydrated goji berries. The process actually made them taste less bitter and more sweet. I knew they would be perfect with dark chocolate and pistachios!! I made my first chocolate bark and sure enough it was everything I had expected it to be. I looked at my chocolate bark and decided the red goji berries and green pistachios looked Christmassy. If I added some coconut to the recipe they could make a perfect neighbor Christmas gift with a touch of sea salt added of course!!

This tasted so amazing and I had so much fun making it. I was even more delighted when I made it with keto friendly Guittard Chocolate. All enjoyment no Guilt!!! Can't beat that. After researching chocolate bark I came across so many delicious options and so much fun to be had during the holidays. The ideas kept flowing with help from my family and friends. One thing led to another and Chocolate Bite Delights was Born!!!

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